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What do you mean you dont care?? Jesus..

Today, i close 1 YEAR IN THIS WIKI!!!!! Im proud of this wiki.. How its involved..

I joined on November 16th in 2010... I was a noob back then, didnt speak the language very good, just the basic.. Didnt know whats a blog.. Only forums.. I was like an anon... Then in January... I learned about blogs.. And i was crazy about them.. Finished One Piece that time and started to edit like crazy.. And i still do.. I saw this wiki changin 3 times.. We had a lot of incidents too..

I know we had bad times here, but.. We all know we are a family around here.. An internet family.. Everyone here, when he is alone at home and bored.. Enters this wiki.. The chat... Chat is full of lazy people :P ...

I dont want to drag it out... I just want to thank some editors here.. From the past.. That are not active now.. But the wiki wouldnt be here if they werent here... So I thank them..

  • Tipota
  • Mugiwara Franky
  • Angel
  • Yatanogarasu
  • Dance Powderer
  • YazzyDream
  • Kdom

This is it.. Im too lazy to write more... I know you want One Piece related blogs but... Fuck off... Its my birthday here...

And now... HERE I AM.... 1 year later...

8,687 Edits... A chat moderator...

I was going to add a poll but I know some trolls here that would troll the shit out of it *coughPandacough* *coughHungrycough*... So I'll ask you... What do you think about (me) and the wiki?? And tell us when did you join..