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Hello guys today i would like to speak about zoro. The topic is his illusions if you noticed in tha new episode when zoro was fighting nuru, it seemed as if he was cut in half then right after u see zoro. I found that wierd but i thought about it and it brought to mind wat happened with luffy where right be4 he hit mihawk he saw himself losing hands.Maybe this is tha samething thats happening with zoro but the one thing that threw me off was that it seemed that nuru saw zoro get cut in half too, so wat came 2 mind was zoro was using illusions. Maybe he used some kind of technique (probably the technique used for kyutoryu) to make nuru see wat zoro see's. This makes me think that zoro either saw into the future with haki or used an illusion 2 confuse nuru. This idea may seem a little far fetched but if you think really hard on it, it will make sense. Tell me what you think :D