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hi guys I have this prediction about punk hazard,the prediction is punk hazard is the entrance to wano country ,remember how usopp said it bugged him that the guy said it was cold ? well the cold part is wano country and thats where the story begins. I know you are asking, how will they get there?Maybe Zoro will slay the dragon and then right before the dragon dies they asked him were the cold part of punk hazard is.I think Zoro will lose sandai kitetsu this arc and get nidai kitetsu probably from one of the samurai after he beats one of them (somewhat like zoro vs. ryuma but more hardcore).I think Oda is gonna have 9 arcs that deal with the crews power over the 2 years this arc will definetly show zoro's strength from 2 yrs maybe there will be more arc's with a theme for each crew member. Thats just a thought anyways tell me what you think :) In Oda we trust