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hi guy's im pretty sure everyone has read chapter 652, and we all know FI arc is coming to an end . People in the back "noooooo"." Yes i know but all good thing's come to an end like good anals . But anyways, i think the next arc is gonna play out like Alabasta arc because I think that LUFFY ISN'T GOING TO FIGHT A YONKO IN THE NEW WORLD YEEEET!!!!!!!!. But I really hope it's not like Alabasta arc in a sense that Luffy had to fight the main antoganist 3 time's. I mean that just annoyed me . Anyway's how do you think it's gonna play out is smoker and luffy finally gonna have an all out fight instead of a little fettish.......... I can't believe I just said that lol.Or is Luffy just gonna head straight for Whole cake island. Personally i think Luffy is gonna go to Mariejois arc first to have a fight with Akainu and get a new nakama then head to the next island to have a a battle with one of Big moms crewmates. I know this might sound like alot but then right after that battle when Luffy is about to enter Whole cake island Luffy has a sea battle with Smoker . tell me what you think :)

Sincerely : LK12