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It starts with Franky fighting Ikaros franky sends an uppercut to Ikaros ikaros jumps out the way he then jumps up to the ro bots face and thrusts a spear into the robts eye. He then thrusted another spear in to the cavity in the chest Franky decides to get out and finish him by himself. Then it switchs to usopp he is firing Hissatsu green star: exploding seeds daruma gets blown up. Usopp then fires Hissatsu green star : monster tree a tree sprouts with a face of a monster it grabs daruma, Daruma bites through the branch and jumps back in the hole. The roots of the plant get daruma usopp fires Hissatsu green star : Cactus gun an enormous cactus sprouts and starts shooting needles Daruma got hit by a couple but keeps moving. Usopp follows him he fires Hissatsu green star: sargasso . Daruma gets trapped he knaws his way out. While he is doing that usopp fires Hissastsu green star; rafflesia . daruma cant stand the stench he then gulps 10 E.S. pills . Daruma starts screaming Usopp is wodering whats going on daruma comes out of one of the holes he now has mor muscle and has longer teeth. He says to Usopp that he is finished now. Daruma gets a den-den mushi he calls all his other fellow commanders he says to them to take all their E.S. pills to transform. All of them do it they all look like this

  • Zeos tentacles are longer
  • Ikaros gained some muscle and abs arms seem longer and larger
  • Dosuns hair is longer and spiky has wilder animals eyes