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Hi guys today I would like to talk about the ope ope no mi. Now what im wondering about this devil fruit is how law's nodachi is affiliated with this DF if you don't no what i mean here can he make a room with his nodachi? I think this maybe the work of haki or this could be just a df tool like ace's striker and aokiji's bike. Also after you take someone's heart out don't they die that was one thing that confused me, if he took out a kidney or something it would of made more sense. There also seems to be a flaw with this room technique, when smoker said that tashigi's level of haki wouldn't be able to take it. Basically what im saying is ,is Smoker implying that if you have a high level of haki you can withstand the operation? Well then Luffy won't have any trouble with the room technique. I also thought about brook with this room technique , wouldn't brook's soul just put him back together or would his soul be cut? Tell me what you think :)