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So since Punk Hazard is almost over I started to think about the next arc i already made a prediction of this I kno but I came up with a better idea. Lately I have been hearing how people hope that the war between Big mam and Luffy might turn out like Baroque works arc,I actually kind of like that idea because this is Luffy's first time fighting a Yonko. I thought about how it might be near the end of punk hazard arc, and I came up with this.

So Big Mam see's the treasure box with the bomb inside it but what she thinks it is is some very special candy. She opens it and it explodes. She's furious buy this and she sends one of her 14 demon gods (the strongest people in her crew) to kill Luffy. She says if Luffy beats him she might actually fight him. The demon god goes out 2 find Luffy he tracks him down in Wano country. He gets into a little trouble with the samurai's and ends up fighting the top 5 samurais in the country beating them all. He then decides to takeover Wano Country shortly after that the demon god finds Luffy and captures him and puts him in jail. Luffy breaks out Straw hats and Law go wild against the Demon Gods crew Luffy beats the Demon God and sends him back to Big Mam. At the end of the arc Jinbe finds Luffy and says he is ready to join his crew. The Top 5 Samurai's say they want to asist Luffy in this war, a way of saying thanks for saving our country. Jinbe tells Luffy that the Sun pirates are gonna fight too. Law calls his crew and tells them to meet him at Whole Cake Island to fight Big Mam. Eustass kid, hawkins and apoo are ready to go fight Big Mam 2. The Arc ends with Luffy saying no more stops be4 fighting that Yonko its time to bring Big Mam's reign to an end and they head off.

Tell me what you think :D