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Hi guys since i did a martial arts upgrade for ivankov I thought should do one for bon chan. okay I think for 2 years bon trained on the heart mountain on kambakka kingdom with the 4 elders of okama kenpo and learned the forbidden technique's.

Okama Kenpo forbidden technique's:

okama kenpo forbidden technique: heart shaped spin tornado : bon starts spinning in a heart shaped stance then he kicks so hard that it makes a mini tornado.

okama kenpo new technique's:

okama kenpo fall memoir leaf fall: bon goes up in the air and rapidly starts kicking down this is strong enough to cause mini earthquakes

okama kenpo "kuro prima": looks like the old move but the swans have stronger metal (wapol metal) and are painted black plus the beack now shoots out like an actual bullet

Thats about it tell me what you think BonClaySwanArabesqueKO.jpg|strong legs Mr205.jpg|the power of okama kenpo BenthamPort.png|nice smile </gallery>