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hi guy's I know you guys don't want to here this but what i have to say IS SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN!!!!!!! So what I think happened is that bon-chan was fighting Magellan and he gave up and started to run. At the same time BB pirates started to leave and Magellan standed in their way. So BB fought him and won , then Bon-chan stole a warship and headed for kambakka kingdom. On his way there he ran into ivankov who was also headed to kambakka kingdom so he followed him. When he reached there he asked Iva if he could join the revolutionarie's he said he could but he would have to get stronger because the revolutionarie's decided to head out to the harsh seas of the new world. Bon-chan said he wanted to join the revolutionarie's hoping that he would see luffy (cosidering dragon wants to see luffy). So then Bon-chan asked if there were any okama kenpo master's on the island Ivankov said there were some okama kenpo master's up on heart mountain and that he could train there. So Bon-chan decided to train there for one year and learn okama kenpo's secret's,then he joined the revolutionarie's as a spy and went to Mariejois to do some undercover work. There he ran into the SH at Mariejois and got into a fight with them in the end he got a call from dragon to join his son's crew and protect him. And thats my theory hope you like it :) no trollin rate this idea out of 10