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Hi OP fans, i wanna talk about big mam's DF some ppl think its acid acid fruit or candy candy fruit well this idea is a mix. Ok so my idea is chocolate chocolate fruit. This fruit kind of exaggerates what chocolate can do to ur systemover time but speeds it up a little. What i mean by that is if she hits you with an attack thats 100% sugar then u will rot.If she hits u with an attack thats 100% saturated fat u will get fat and slow down. If she hits you with an attack thats 100% cholessterol you will get a heart attack. So she basically controls what is in chocolate and how much of the stuff is in it. She can do combinations 2 like 50% sugar and 50% cholesterol. She can also drown you in thick chocolate. Her weakness is if she is left in the she will freeze and if you leave her in the sun she will melt. This fruit is a logia. She also has the power to turn anything to chocolate and specific things inside an object without hurting the entire object (ex.she can turn your veins into chocolate, heart, lungs etc.).