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Who is Doflamingo???????

hi guys second blog and just as the title says who is doflamingo? I mean this guy has ceaser clown as a subordanite a vice admiral as a subordanite. He had the the bellamy pirates working for him he owns slave trading house. To me he seems more of a business man than a fighter , he's got pirates, scientists, vice admirals, slave traders. To be honest he might almost be as sucessful as Dragon. But my big question is what is his goal he has alot of people working for him and right now and for a long time he seems like the most powerful shichibukai. Maybe he's trying to take over the new world from the navy or maybe he is doing the same thing as dragon and building an army right under the navy's nose. As i say that here is my theory on his army.

He needs slave traders so he can force slaves to work for him, he needs pirates to fight for him. He needed Virgo to join the navy so that he could keep track of everything the navy's up to. he needed Ceaser clown to make him weapons.


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