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Hey guys, so I have been wondering what are bounty hunters like in the New World? Are they all haki users ? or something else? I think the big name bounty hunters that you would look out for obviously will have Haki and have some strange assassin martial arts style, and the little name ones will be masters of some type of martial arts. Like Rokushiki which leads me to the other thing I want to talk about. I really liked the CP9 arc and its villians, to me the villians are so good they have to be the main antagonists in an arc again. Someone has already said this in a prediction and they made the CP9 bounty hunters for ? pirates. This idea is not that bad, I think that since Big Mam is going after the SHP maybe Big Mam will send the NEW and improved CP9 after them. Thats pretty much my idea in a nutshell, do you guys want the CP9 to come back as the main antagonists or not tell me what you think :)