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Yo um so the title pretty says it all this arc SUCKS!!!! I mean to much talking Luffy finally starts a fight then monet comes in he starts fighting her then he ends up in the garbage with momnosuke the talking dragon COME ON ODA REALLY?????Oh no but there is more folks zoro starts a fight with monet but she keeps trying to fight nami and chopper who are clearly to scared to fight. The only good fight so far was Smoker vs. Vergo but that was only 4-5 panels long. To be honest probably the only good part of this arc is when baby 5 and buffalo come maybe we will finally get a good fight with some amazing new attacks. This arc was a big disapointment when they were talking about wano country at the beginning I thought this arc was gonna have alot to do with samurai's and that would have been a way better arc. i can't wait til around christmas time when arcs usually start. I really hope next arc will be alot better. tell me what you think :(