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Luffy Vs. Black beard ( captain vs. captain)

Zoro vs. Shiliew (swordsmen vs. swordsmen)

Sanji vs. Jesus burgess he seems (professional wrestling vs. black leg)

Jinbe vs. Vasco shot (i think he will be like a drunken kung fu master so he will be a good match)

Brook vs. Doc Q (I think he will be the most immune to Doc Q attacks)

nami & perona vs. Catrina devon (I know she isnt a member and alot of you guys think she won't but i think she will plus they are up against one of the most feared female pirates of the Golden age Nami definetly can't her by herself)

Bon clay vs. laffite (i think he is alive okay so don't spaz on me plus i think his abilities of spying are similiar to bon's)

Ivankov vs. Avalo Pizzaro( i think he will join and he seemed to be the only person fit to fight ivankov

Franky , chopper , nico robin vs. Sanjuan wolf ( he is probably the biggest giant in the whole series so they are probably gonna need three ppl

Listen guys this is my thoughts you can comment you can tell me what you think BUT!!! no trolls some of the people I put in the blog are people I think will join so stop hating Enjoy :)