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Luffy gear 4 busoshoku koka with gear 2 control of animals

zoro left eye is a hawk eye he has mastered busoshoku haki and haz mastered kyuutoryu

sanji can do a fiery version of Rankyaku in Diable Jambe mode

Usopp can shoot exploding beetles in swarms and can fire huge beetles and shoot fire breathing plants that can also spit poision

Nami can create generated thunder beams from her clima tact and from the sky she can fire small lightning bubbles from the clima tact that are transparent

Chopper has mastered monster point and gained three more points

Nico robin can create an army of her self

Franky can shoot lasers from his mouth and is as fast as a pacifista he can also do a combined laser with coup de vent

Brook he can control your feelings with music and can do soundwave slashes with his sword as seen in the manga he can take his soul out of him