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Shanks DF ?????????

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hey guys this idea I couldn't hold in so I will let it out. I think that Shank's has a devil fruit. *people in the back "ground not this crap again"*. I know but just listen okay, so i think Shanks might have a DF dealing with a dragon I think this way because member a while back when there were a couple people in shank's crew that had dragon tattoo's well like some crew's flag's or tattoo's (Ace spade pirates flag) a symbol in there flag sometimes is a hint for a DF ( fire in Ace's flag). I think he might have a dragon DF because it sounds cool . Also because it is kind of boring for a yonko to only be a swordsman sorry its the truth :S. No offense to people like Blackenedsoul :) . Maybe Shanks is just a swordsman anyway's leave it to ODA .

Sincerely: LK12

PS: im sorry for the other useless blog`s I hope you like it :) more than 2 sentence`s Claudia XDDDDDD

*people in back `` I almost died``*

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