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Luffy vs. Doflamingo

The battle starts on a tropical island

Luffy: im so bored I wish I could fight someone or eat MEAT!!!

Doflamingo: if you wanna fight someone im here

Luffy: Oh cool a flamingo that talks

Doflamingo: IM A REAL PERSON!!!!!!

Luffy: Oh sorry I really didnt see you under all that fur

Doflamingo: Enough talk lets fight

  • Doflamingo jumps in the air lifts up two fingers
  • Luffy blocks it with arm armament

Luffy: is that really all you got I think I'll just go ahead and enjoy a nice rack of meat

Doflamingo: wait right there

  • Starts moving his hand in a piculiar way

Doflamingo: you arew now my puppet

Luffy : slowly walks up to Doflamingo

Doflamingo: and you thought I was nothing

  • Luffy activates gear 2 and does gum-gum jet gatling

Doflamingo: bleeds in pain gah!!!!!

Luffy: note to self never get into fights with talking flamingo's

Doflamingo: for the last time I'm a man

Luffy: are you questioning me Luffy says that in a sadistic face

  • Luffy pulls both his arms back and activates arm armament and gear 2 at the same time
  • Luffy gum- gum bazooka

Doflamingo : passes out

Luffy; that flamingo sure had some endurance to take all that beating well might as well go get a piece of meat


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