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Jinbe and sanji vs. wadatsumi prediction

  • Jinbe: this guy is unbelievable i think that fat is supose to be like armour
  • Sanji : I know follow my lead
  • Sanji sky walks up into the air and activates Diable jambe
  • Sanji sends a rankyaku like kick ``couper la viande epicee`` (spicy meat cut
  • Wadatsumi: bleeds in pain Gyaaaaaaaah
  • Sanji: Jinbe attack the wound!!!!
  • Jinbe: roger Jinbe hand starts to drip then he sends a barrage of water shots
  • Jinbe: ``Fishman karate Yabusame``
  • Wadatsumi gets hit with water droplets all over his stomach owwww
  • Wadatsumi: thats it your gonna pay for that Wadatsumi holds his arm and starts to pump it up
  • Wadatsumi: punches the ground and causes an earthquake Jinbe and sanji get hit
  • Jinbe Sanji: coughs up blood gaaah
  • Wadatsumi: hahahahaha ur dun now Fat condensing kick
  • Jinbe Sanji : get hit again
  • Sanji : damn it Diable jambe......
  • Sanji : poitrine de poulet grille ( grilled chicken breast)
  • Wadatsumi: gets kicked in the chect owwcheeee
  • Jinbe: Fishman karate 6000 tile front kick
  • Wadatsumi : falls on to one knee gyaaaaah
  • Sanji: diable jambe.......
  • Sanji: la jambe de boeuf grille (grilled beef leg)
  • Wadatsumi; falls over thats it fat condensing release body slam
  • Jinbe holds up wadatsumiès body with one hand
  • Sanji ; we are getting tired of you jinbe time for our trump card
  • Jinbe : okay
  • Sanji sky walks up in the air Jinbe runs across his body Fishman karate secret technique......
  • Jinbe: water demon aura : battle suit
  • Jinbe hops onto Sanjis leg
  • Sanji : armee de lair......
  • Sanji : Fishman shoot
  • Wadatsumi topples over and passes out
  • Sanji: damn that fat guy really can punch
  • Jinbe: I think i broke a rib from his kick
  • caption reads and the winner of the first battle is sanji and jinbe

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