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1st idea:

Yo,I wanna talk about ivankov and newkama kenpo after 2 years. I think ivankov got better with his horu horu no mi and now he can make his muscles bigger can make himself skinny or fat.he can probably even use muscle codensing to make his finger stabs stronger. I also started to think about ivankov's syringes and different types of syringes he could get like poisonous syringes to poisoin his enemy flaming syringes, electric syringes,etc.

List of attacks that ivankov could make:

  1. fat hormone: gains weight used for defense against strong attacks
  2. skinny hormone: loses weight used for quick manouvering
  3. newkama kenpo: aesthetic spa arts #44 technique poisonous facial fist: ivankov injects his syringes into the persons face and releases poison
  4. star wink : improved version of death wink in the shape of a star
  5. fat hormone: puke: after using fat hormone his gastric juices in his stomach increase and he basically spits acid at you
  6. muscle hormone: muscle increase making his muscles stronger

7.muscle hormone : condense: makes muscle cells come to one spot can be used for defense and offense similar to tekkai

2nd idea:

This idea may sound stupid but this was my other idea. I think that Ivankov learned rokushiki. I'll explain why, I think that the revolutionary's wanted to copy some of the marine's fighting style's so they searched for the CP9 who are no longer affiliated with the government to become revolutionaries and teach rokushiki to all the soldiers(so that every single person in the revolutionary army is superhuman to make it a little harder for the navy). So thats how Ivankov would get Rokushiki. this leads to my idea of ivankov's style of rokushiki which mixes rokushiki with newkama kenpo.