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Hey guys I came up with this idea that if Enel came back from the moon he would head to Raijin islands and become the God of the people there. Then as usual he will come up with some dastardly plan to take over the New world. I had this crazy idea that he is trying to make his own ancient weapon because he thinks he is a God so he has the power to do that. His plan is to use the electricity from the sky and his own to make this weapon that shoots a hundred billion volts of lightning. This process takes a day and a half because of the amount of electricity that is being stored. When this is done the ancient weapon can destroy islands, BUT wait there is more the after shock from the destruction can travel through the seas (because its electricity and water is a conductor), and destroy any island. So in a way it is kind of like a chain, in my opinion if this happened this would be the ultimate ancient weapon . The name of this ancient weapon is.........JUPITER!!!!!!! tell me what you think

Plz don't take this seriously it is just for fun