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I know some of you dont agree with me but hear me out on this emporio ivankov will join for many reasons he's weird he has a trademark of a tatto and purple afro he could be a nurse for the strawhats and plus brook and franky wont be the only ones with weird statements even if he is a revolutionary he could be a strawhat plus he fought side by side with luffy in impel down and at marineford plus he said its his duty to protect his nakamas family what other way to protect him than joining his crew plus he isnt weak and probably is stronger after timeskip in his devil fruit abilities and in newkama kenpo plus his wierd ways will make him alot of friends on the ship like usopp and chopper i also think that bon clay will join I know some of you guys think he is dead but hear is what i think . I think right before blackbeard left for marineford he beat magellan and bon escaped and stole a marine ship. He then started to head for Kambakka Kingdom wear he met up with sanji and ivankov bon heals from all the injuries in impel down and asks ivankov to train him but ivankov cant train him in okama kenpo soo he takes up to the top of the heart mountain were the greatest okama kenpo master is he trains under him for 2 yrs . later on ivankov had some revolutionary business to do in mariejois bon desided to tag along with ivankov (after 2 yrs bon becomes a spy for the revolutionaries because of his devil fruit) when they get there they see that strawhat has come to mariejois so they tag along with them and then a big fight starts bon and iva fight along side them etc. well tell me what think :)