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Brook vs. Doc Q

  • Brook: hmmm hmm hmmm
  • Doc Q: hey you hic
  • Brook: hmm?
  • Doc Q: your apart of the strawhats hic
  • Brook: yes
  • Doc Q : Die!!! swings double bladed scythe at brook
  • Brook: whoa thats rude
  • Brook: you almost peirced a hole in my flesh even though I don't have flesh Yohohohohoho
  • Doc Q: im fighting for real and your making jokes hic
  • Doc Q : take this throws an explosive apple "fruity explosion"
  • Brook*jumps high in the air
  • Brook: Yohohoho that sure was nerve racking even though i don't have nerves Yohohoho
  • Doc Q: Take me seriously
  • Brook : Okay time to fight Brook draws his sword
  • Brook: 16th note fencing
  • Brook*slashes at Doc Q 16 times
  • Doc Q : ahhh Stronger attack him
  • Stronger: bites Brook in his shoulder blade
  • Doc Q : hahaha your done Stronger ate the sick sick fruit anyone he touches gets a virus
  • brook : gahh pulls out a bottle of milk a drinks it
  • Brook; gulp gulp ah time to finish you of
  • Brook ; Semitone beat slash
  • Stronger* drops to the ground bleeding ne...igh
  • Brook: now for you Treble clef bar slash
  • They both slash rapidly at each other
  • Brook : screeches back all scratched up
  • Doc Q ; pulls back bleeding
  • they charge at each other
  • brook: Whole tone beat slash
  • Doc Q: Grim reapres judgment slash
  • brook; sheethes his sword
  • doc Q: falls coughing up a huge amount of blood
  • Brook ; hmmm hmm hmm strums his guitar time to make a song about this battle

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