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This blog is what I think what would happen if he was still alive after 2 years

1: his look

I think his hair would resemble Garp in his youth. He would wear the same hat, he would a black long sleeve shirt with  a flame design at the bottom. He would have a tattoo of the jolly roger of spade pirates in the middle of his chest.he would wear a red sash with his short belt that has the "A" on it overlapping it.

2: His abilities

During the two years he trained by himself and learned all three Haki (like luffy). He can use Busoshoku koka in conjunction with his flames to make black flames that are a hundred times stronger than his other flames. The black flames are on par with Akainu's magma enhancing his DF's power. His haoshoku haki is on par with Luffy's. His power level right now is stronger than a shichibukai.

3.What has he been up to

He has left the Whitebeard pirates to start the Spade pirates again and help the super rookies cause a riot in the new world (My thoughts he is kind of like the big brother to the supernovas). Even though he left the Whitebeard pirates he is now their allie. Lately in the new world he is has been attacking the Yonko's allies which will slowly bring the Yonko's empire down. He had a helping hand in Luffy and Law's fight with Kaido as he  Luffy and Law beat Kaido and his gang.