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hi guys I got parts of this idea from MDM so give him some credit.I had this idea that there might be a fourth haki that has been kept a secret from the world and that only true masters of the 3 kinds of haki's can obtain it. I think that Gol D. Roger might have this haki and that its a haki from ancient times . It could be an ancient weapon ( like uranus) or something like one piece. I think that Luffy might have to obtain this haki to defeat BB . I know you guys are probably saying right now HOW IS HE GOING TO OBTAIN IT !!!!!!!!! . Well I think that he will obtain it through a spiritual ritual or go to the spirit world to learn it from Gol D. Roger personally ( lol this is starting to sound like DBZ or Bleach). There could also be a chance that Gol D. Roger left scrolls that tell you how to get this haki . Anyways tell me what you think. More than 2 sentences Claudia XDDDDDDDDDD happy now :)