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  • Luffayking12

    Hi guys I have been thinking about Doflamnigo's DF and I have come up with an explanation. I think that doflamingo has the puppet-puppet fruit parmecia type and he uses it in conjunction with haoshoku haki and busoushoku haki. I will explain how in 2 points.

    1: Haoshoku haki

    I think Doflamingo got so advanced with haoshoku haki that he can use it in conjunction with his strings. example, he makes a hand gesture and it takes control of the person. The only way to get out of it is if you use kenbounshoku haki to see the invisible strings before they touch you and get out of the way. Another way to escape it if someone could break the strings you are being controlled with for you.

    2.busoushoku haki

    I think Doflamingo can use busoushoku haki so go…

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  • Luffayking12

    So I noticed something this chapter when Law asked if doflamingo was a celestial dragon doflamingo said a little deeper than that. This reminded me of back when he was finishing off moria and moria asked who sent you... Sengoku he said nope higher than that. So this makes me think that Doflamingo might have connections with one of the gorosei but how. Here are a couple idea's

    1. He is related with one of them


    2. He has a deal with them 

    Tell me what you think

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  • Luffayking12

    Hey I will make this quick because I really think this might happen in this arc.I don't know why but i have a feeling we will see another Buster call because Doflamingo is now considered a pirate since he left the shichibukai also fujitora did call some battleships to come. I know this might not mean anything but the last time a Cipher Pol was on an island the bustercall took place so yea that is pretty much it I have been thinking about this idea even before this arc started just thought i should put into a blog plus their are a whole lot of pirates on one island. I think this tournament was allowed since Doflamingo was a Shichibukai but now that he is not all these pirates look just like walking targets 

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  • Luffayking12

    Hey guys I came up with this idea that if Enel came back from the moon he would head to Raijin islands and become the God of the people there. Then as usual he will come up with some dastardly plan to take over the New world. I had this crazy idea that he is trying to make his own ancient weapon because he thinks he is a God so he has the power to do that. His plan is to use the electricity from the sky and his own to make this weapon that shoots a hundred billion volts of lightning. This process takes a day and a half because of the amount of electricity that is being stored. When this is done the ancient weapon can destroy islands, BUT wait there is more the after shock from the destruction can travel through the seas (because its electr…

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  • Luffayking12

    Hey guys this blog is gonna be really short but I came up with this idea that when Fujitora comes he will make an agreement with doflamingo to help him eliminate the straw hats if he will get Ace's Df in return Tell me what you think

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