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Long ago on an unknown island in the new world hidden deep beneath the sea lived the first fishmen and among them was a shark fish man.
A megaladon shark witch is the largest of all fishmen named joy boy. A young joy boy at the age of 18 set out to explore the world and finally after 10 years of travel he came to the red line.
He made his way down to the bottom to find an island like his homeland inhabited by mermen a creature joy boy had never seen before in his life.
Joy boy soon became friends with the mermaid princess Poseidon and told her story of the lands above and all the new creatures he had come across.
Through hearing the story the princess wished to take her country to these mysterious lands so joy boy promised that he would build an ark to take her and her people to the suffice.
Joy boy spent another 10 years building the ark but before he could finish his deal a young fish man appeared and told joy boy that there homeland was in trouble.
Joy boy left a message on a polygraph and began to make his way home when the princess found the message she told her people that the suffice dweller had to go home but not to move the ark till the right day.
But meanwhile back a joy boys homeland fishmen where dying because of water temperature changes and there homeland was starting to lift from the sea.
So joy boy began a long journey back to FI with all his people so they would be safe but half way there he turned around and told the remaining fish men to keep going.
The remaining fish men made it to FI but joy boy returned to homeland raftel to try and save it but died trying.

The end

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