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LionRed March 1, 2013 User blog:LionRed

ive been thinking about all the alliance's in OP latley and im thinking theres a war a coming well not a war but a crazy battle so we have the kid alliance and the luffy law alliance (just gona call it LL alliance)

Kid Alliance: kid, apoo and hawkins

LL Alliance: luffy, law and ??? this is the problem they need another captain most likely one of the supernovas (i know zoros a supernova but i think they need three crews vs three crews)

heres the point of this who do you think will join the LL alliance what do you think the battle will be like and who will fight who?

i think X drakes gona join simply because they all have the same goal (kiado) but maybe bonny let me know your thoghts on this

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