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LionRed February 6, 2013 User blog:LionRed

ok so law wanted DD to leave the warlords so a spot could open up he's going to dressrosa to fuck DD off even more and he wants to kick kaidos ass sounds good i guess but this is what I think some possibility's for his plan are

1 the warlord thing - kid a warlord open spot maybe - X drake wants to take down kaido but don't think he would go back to the WG - luffy that would be shit to be honest but who knows - or maybe he don't give a fuck about who gets in just who gets kicked out (doflamingo)

2 playing games with one badass mother fucker

1-makes kaido weaker that would help not having to deal with more zoan and DD that we know

2-for kicks

3-personal grudge not likely but maybe they didn't have a brotherly bond

3 going to dressrosa

- cant wait for this arc gona be fucking amazing shits going down DD vs law and luffy final fight top fight of the year no doubt

- hope ceaser die's I hate him

- x drake I hope he turns up and starts fucking off kaido with law and luffy

- luffy, law and drake vs kaido luffy, kid, apoo and Hawkins vs big mam

one piece this year got high hopes for it let me know what you think

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