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kaido not much is known about him and to be honest he interests me more the big mam so I made this blog to see what you think his powers might be.

This is what I hope his powers might be I believe he was once a marine. now IM not sure what his devil fruit might be or if he has one as a yonko he's gotta have haki now if he was a marine like I think he was then he may have rokushiki and because he's a yonko I reckon he would know rokuogan those powers would make him yonko worthy

now if he has a DF it could be the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Cerberus a mythical zoan that gives the user the ability to transform into ether full Cerberus or hybrid form now because it is a mythical zoan it would have special attributes for example in his full form he would have three heads but in his hybrid form he would have one head with three personality's he would also have the power to breath black fire and be able to eat souls of the dead witch would do something but can't think of what right now

Now this is what I want kaido's powers to be let me know what you think