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Rob lucci, kaku, jabra, blueno, kalifa, fukuro, and kumadori these guys were probably my favorite antagonist of the series so far and I really hope oda brings them back as ether pirate or marine what would you prefer.

Also I hope they get even stronger these are what I think/hope:


  1. 1 rob lucci: mastered rokuogan to a higher level and can use it in everyday combat not just a last resort and have found some way to fuse it with Rankyaku so he can use it at a distance also able to use it with BH to fight logia and make it stronger
  1. 2 kaku: after his defeat to zoro he began training with rob lucci to learn rokuogan and is now able to use it in  with his swords and I hope he's also able to use KH
  1. 3 jabra: trained in life return and has created a smaller hybrid form that's faster and when using tekkai Kenpo is much harder and stronger and has the ability to use BH to improve the strength of his tekkai


  1. 4 blueno: trained his doa doa no mi with his soru so he is able to disappear into a air door completely unnoticed so when he disappeared he seems like he actually disappears
  1. 5 kalifa: trained her df (can't remember what its called) so she can create bubble clones like robins power but no as good that's about all I can think about for her
  1. 6 fukuro: his geppou can now be used with any limb of his body make it easier for him to use it and get around in the air can't really think about anything for him ether
  1. 7 kumadori: better life return his hair is now proficient in all rokushiki styles expert rokuogan

Now if they are marines I think rob would be an admiral and they shear the same sense of justice as  Akainu don't you think rob would make a kickass admiral and kaku vice admiral

If they are pirates witch is more likely then there probably just causing shit all of the new world and there bounties:

  1. 1 rob lucci: 510,000,000
    #2 kaku: 390,000,000
    #3 jabra: 360,000,000
    #4 blueno: 180,000,000
    #5 kalifa: 70,000,000
    #6 fukuro: 85,000,000
    #7 kumadori: 93,000,000

what do you think????