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like all of us know this chapter had more bombshells then an air strike and out of the remains of what is my mind I pulled a piece of shrapnel CP-fucken-0 was so stoked to see the cipher pol back I mean the cp9 fights were some of the best the fights of the series.

so here's why I think cp0 showed up the WG were pissed or intrigued as to why DD left the shichibukai so who better to investigate a crazy cold hearted killer master-mind more crazy cold hearted killer master-minds but because DD so dangerous they needed to send the best of best !!!CP0!!!

my prediction on the future CP0 will fight doflamingo the blackbeard pirates will fight the marines allowing the straw heart alliance to escape because all four of these contenders are to strong to fight this early

SIDE-NOTE: what powers do you think CP0 will have DF, haki, rokushiki even new more crazy powers I hope to see rokushiki used with haki and I really hope thers a member that can use Rokuogan with one hand or in just common combat like its nothing

let me no what you think