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  • LionRed

    CP0 and the future

    April 12, 2013 by LionRed

    like all of us know this chapter had more bombshells then an air strike and out of the remains of what is my mind I pulled a piece of shrapnel CP-fucken-0 was so stoked to see the cipher pol back I mean the cp9 fights were some of the best the fights of the series.

    so here's why I think cp0 showed up the WG were pissed or intrigued as to why DD left the shichibukai so who better to investigate a crazy cold hearted killer master-mind more crazy cold hearted killer master-minds but because DD so dangerous they needed to send the best of best !!!CP0!!!

    my prediction on the future CP0 will fight doflamingo the blackbeard pirates will fight the marines allowing the straw heart alliance to escape because all four of these contenders are to strong …

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  • LionRed

    after chapter 704 we no that jesus burgess is 1st fleet commander which is equal to marcos position in the WB so it got me thinking that blackbeard is using the same command system as whitebeard so I thought I would have a crack at predicting the commanders so here they are:

    fleet commanders:

    1st: Jesus Burgess

    2nd: Shiliew

    3rd: Van Augur

    4th: Laffitte

    5th: Catarina Devon

    6th: Sanjuan Wolf

    7th: Vasco Shot

    8th: Doc Q

    9th: Avalo Pizarro

    this is my guess let me know your thoughts and predictions

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  • LionRed

    simple question what's your favorite moment with luffy weather it be funny angry or sad?

    mine would have to be when he cracked the celestial dragon I just love watching that

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  • LionRed

    Pirate Alliance Wars

    March 1, 2013 by LionRed

    ive been thinking about all the alliance's in OP latley and im thinking theres a war a coming well not a war but a crazy battle so we have the kid alliance and the luffy law alliance (just gona call it LL alliance)

    Kid Alliance: kid, apoo and hawkins

    LL Alliance: luffy, law and ??? this is the problem they need another captain most likely one of the supernovas (i know zoros a supernova but i think they need three crews vs three crews)

    heres the point of this who do you think will join the LL alliance what do you think the battle will be like and who will fight who?

    i think X drakes gona join simply because they all have the same goal (kiado) but maybe bonny let me know your thoghts on this

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  • LionRed

    The Story Of Joy Boy

    February 18, 2013 by LionRed

    Long ago on an unknown island in the new world hidden deep beneath the sea lived the first fishmen and among them was a shark fish man.
    A megaladon shark witch is the largest of all fishmen named joy boy. A young joy boy at the age of 18 set out to explore the world and finally after 10 years of travel he came to the red line.
    He made his way down to the bottom to find an island like his homeland inhabited by mermen a creature joy boy had never seen before in his life.
    Joy boy soon became friends with the mermaid princess Poseidon and told her story of the lands above and all the new creatures he had come across.
    Through hearing the story the princess wished to take her country to these mysterious lands so joy boy promised that he would build …

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