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First let's put aside for a bit One Piece and let's talk about the wiki. I don't know how many of you are aware of this, but Wikia is updating the MediaWiki software, which is like the S.O. of the wiki, to version 1.19, you can check the current version here in the MediaWiki field. What does it mean? That our wiki software will be soon updated to the latest stable version, with many big or small improvements which can be unnoticed to some users or evident to others.

That's cool stuff, good to hear, but "so what?" So... apparently, Wikia seems to have forgotten (or maybe we didn't understand, I still need to figure out which is) to tell all its users a major change of this upgrade: version 1.19 will be HTML5 compliant and all the deprecated HTML4/3 won't be supported anymore. No reaction? The let me rephrase it: all the codes like <font>, <big>, align="left"... and such (just some examples) won't work anymore... so since this wiki has a long history, I'm sure anyone who edited in source code has seen at least one time such codes. Here the most common example that can be found:

Deprecated code Correct one
{| width="50%" align="center" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2"
! colspan="3"  bgcolor="#000000" color="#FFFFFF" | A centered table
| width="33%" align="left" | Some text
| align="center" | Some text
| align="right" | Some text
{| style="width:50%; margin:auto;"
| colspan="3" style="width:33%; background:#000000; color:#FFFFFF; border-spacing:2px;" | A centered table
| style="width:33%; text-align:left; padding:2px;" | Some text
| style="text-align:center; padding:2px;" | Some text
| style="text-align:right; padding:2px;" | Some text

For left/right aligned table, use float:left/right instead of margin. Ah, this means that you have to check your custom signature since many still uses <font>, make it a <span> and use style. For a complete list of deprecated codes, read here. For references on the correct ones, use w3schools, the CSS reference is especially helpful.

Now what do we have to do? We need to check EVERY code in the wiki ASAP!

To check if a page is HTML5 valid, you can use this little tool and to see how replace an old code this page may be useful. Now let's hurry! (this is the worst time to do this since I'm pretty busy) Maybe I'll propose a complete CSS/JS check since we are at it... well one thing at time.


It seems some of the deprecated codes are still working on 1.19, so maybe we have more time than I imagined, but still as this blog says it's something we have to do eventually.