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Hello! I want to share with you a crazy thought... well, watching episode 496 made me think on Luffy words: before "becoming brothers", Sabo, Ace and Luffy shout their dreams/life objectives but Luffy's turn was "skipped" hence we didn't know what he said, but I bet everybody (me too) thought he said "I wanna be the pirate king!". This is what they call an ellipsis. For the record this scene is at the end of episode 496 or in chapter 585.
But this is not the first time that "Luffy's words" are mentioned: one of the reasons Rayleigh wanted to meet Luffy was when he met years before Shanks at Sabaody Archipelago, he told him he met a kid in East Blue who "said the same things as captain Roger, those words that the captain once said!", here the chapter. Now if we look back at the old chapter 1, the "promise" Luffy made with Shank was: "One day I'll find myself a crew that is as strong as yours and then I'll find the world's biggest treasure! And become the pirate king!".
But here is my doubt: are those words what impressed Shanks, ex apprentice on Roger's ship and a pirate who traveled the world? And made the pirate king's right hand wait to meet Luffy? In the One Piece world half of pirates set sail saying "I'll be the pirate king", so Luffy could said that with all the conviction you want, but it seems suspicious to me... remeber we are talking about Oda, he can play "dirty" tricks like Ace's father or the straw hat.
Maybe the "simplest thing is the right thing", but tell me what do you think on this. leviathan_89 20:42, May 4, 2011 (UTC)