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HI! I think everybody experience that damn image glitch when uploading some images... if not then you should know that if you're about to upload an image sometime after uploading it... surprise! The old version is still there and no matter how many times you try it will remain there. But maybe there is a solution! I tried it and it worked until now, if you have to deal with the glitch, after you upload the picture type in the address bar of your browser ?action=purge and press enter. This way you will upload the images database so the glitch should be fixed. This method works even if you want to update a page with a template that you edited but it still didn't upload (instead of made a empty edit). You can also try an hard refresh by clicking the refresh button while holding "shift" (in firefox but I think it's the same with other browsers) this way your browser reload the page without using the cache. leviathan_89 22:08, May 16, 2011 (UTC)