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  • I live in Italy - Italia
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Physic student - Studente di fisica
  • I am Male - Maschio
  • Leviathan 89

    First let's put aside for a bit One Piece and let's talk about the wiki. I don't know how many of you are aware of this, but Wikia is updating the MediaWiki software, which is like the S.O. of the wiki, to version 1.19, you can check the current version here in the MediaWiki field. What does it mean? That our wiki software will be soon updated to the latest stable version, with many big or small improvements which can be unnoticed to some users or evident to others.

    That's cool stuff, good to hear, but "so what?" So... apparently, Wikia seems to have forgotten (or maybe we didn't understand, I still need to figure out which is) to tell all its users a major change of this upgrade: version 1.19 will be HTML5 compliant and all the deprecated HT…

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  • Leviathan 89

    To avoid explains things over and over again, here what you have to know for making a custom signature, hope this will be helpful!

    First of all, how do you sign your posts? This is so simple as well important, because how can you answer to someone you don't know who is?

    Code Result Example

    Of course you can always just manually written your name and adding the time stamp alone.

    Please avoid deprecated tags such "font", use CSS instead, and always make your signature not much more taller than the line-height.


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  • Leviathan 89

    Spot Light Suggestions

    October 16, 2011 by Leviathan 89

    Hi guys! Other then an user here, I'm also an admin on the Italian Wiki of One Piece, and I was thinking on requesting a spotlight. But it's hard to choose an image! So I thought if someone of you is kind enough to share some ideas! Remember that a spotlight image has a fixed dimension of 255 x 123px, so a nice picture like this:

    Will become something like this: (plus a semi-transparent caption)

    Then close-up or image with few small details are the best. I remember a spotlight of my wiki with a close-up on Roger's face on the execution platform with the caption: "Have you what it takes for becoming the Pirate king?", for example.
    I thought of looking for something post-timeskip with a caption like "Are you ready for the New World?". Well if you…

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  • Leviathan 89

    Bad news from Wikia

    September 26, 2011 by Leviathan 89

    Guys, bad news are coming from Wikia, at least bad news for me. To summarize, I'll copy the whole blog here:

    Message Wall will be similar to talk pages in a few key ways: there will still be a tab on your profile, each conversation will still have a subject header, and you’ll still be able to use full wiki text (photos, videos, links, tables, templates, etc.) in the content. In other ways, the feature is entirely different. Here’s the rundown:

    It’s not a wiki page. You can add comments directly without going into the wiki editor, and you will see them immediately.

    Newer conversations are at the top of the page; archiving is automatic. When there are more than 20 conversations, your Message Wall automatically paginates, so there’s no need to ma…

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  • Leviathan 89

    Hi everybody! Let's gather all the funniest things of One Piece! They can be pictures, gags or jokes... but please don't upload images on the wiki only for this! You can embed external images simply by typing the complete url of the image! An example? This one!

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