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Awesome teasing Oda...A fine chapter. Not much hints were dropped about Sanji's past, though. Damn, Sanji's past is building up some hype already. This arc seems way better than Dressrosa if we consider the introductory chapters only.

How the fuck can someone give birth to 35 daughters? Lol.

Brook's friggin reaction too. Vinsmoke seem to be quite well known from before 50 years then. The way he explained about Sanji and his family having to have crossed the Redline just got me way more intrigued.

Oh boy, I hope Sanji has a plan or something about this whole wedding. Meeting his destined woman in this case would be something he can do out of curiosity but still...

Now, I don't know how they plan on making the Straw Hats their underlings, marriage or not, Luffy won't go for that, and Sanji could always just quit the Straw Hats and thus the marriage will mean nothing.

I don't think he'll abandon the crew though. I'm excited to see how exactly he plans to deal with this situation.

Wonder what that Nero guy whispered to Sanji about... Really curious about what was whispered to Sanji to make him react like that?!?! Purin is smokin hot? XD

So Sanji took Ceaser hostage who is already a hostage to begin with, he can't catch a break. Gotta love the way Sanji handled this, it's totally in character.

Capone still keeping his savagery intact like the BA Mafia boss he is. He got nothing on SAVAGE NEKOMAMUSHI tho. If only he knew that Capone was the one who shot Pekoms. Oh boy would he have gotten REKT.

So are they implying that Sanji's family is responsible for this wanted poster or Big Mom perhaps?

Sanji was a total BOSS this chap. Can't wait for the tea party. What a great note he wrote lol, short and to the point. Sanji's message to Luffy was quite badass and funny "checking up on a chick, brb bro" XDXD

Time to put the year of Sanji on hold for a little while. Back to the present!

Anyway I can't wait to see what hilarious antics Sanji and Ceaser get into. This chapter has definitely gotten me even more curious about Sanji's past. The wait for next chapter is killing me. I hope we see more of Sanji's side next chapter. >.<

PLZ ODA FOCUS ON THE SANJI PARTS MORE THAN THE SHs D: Unless you decide to reveal some Poneglyph shit XD Have mercy man lol

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