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    Awesome teasing Oda...A fine chapter. Not much hints were dropped about Sanji's past, though. Damn, Sanji's past is building up some hype already. This arc seems way better than Dressrosa if we consider the introductory chapters only.

    How the fuck can someone give birth to 35 daughters? Lol.

    Brook's friggin reaction too. Vinsmoke seem to be quite well known from before 50 years then. The way he explained about Sanji and his family having to have crossed the Redline just got me way more intrigued.

    Oh boy, I hope Sanji has a plan or something about this whole wedding. Meeting his destined woman in this case would be something he can do out of curiosity but still...

    Now, I don't know how they plan on making the Straw Hats their underlings, marria…

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  • Lelouch Di Britannia

    First chapter of 2016! It was cool seeing Nojiko in the cover too. How i've missed you sanji. It has felt like such a long time since I have seen this.

    Sanji hitting on the minks xD Also, damn that extremely thirsty fucker face of his when he saw Nami in that dress..Lmao his face resembled more of a dog than the minks Lol

    It's nice to see that Pekoms is grateful to the Straw Hats. For a second I was worried he would misunderstand and start blaming the Straw Hats. I'm liking that we are seeing an actual personality from Pekoms. Even if Pekoms is grateful, however, I feel like he'll end up fighting Sanji because of his captain. And he and Sanji will both just accept it and fight or something like that.

    Capone has a 300 million belly bounty O_o …

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  • Lelouch Di Britannia

    By the title of this blog, I'm sure many of you have already guessed what this blog is about:


    Dragon is said to be the world's worst criminal and the most wanted man ofc... Due to his status, the majority of us think that he is the strongest person alive in the OP world..

    However, what made him the world's worst criminal? This remains a mystery.

    We all know that a person gets a bounty on their head if a person commits a crime or possess classified information about the World Government...

    Based on this, I came up with a theory:

    Monkey D. Dragon is in hold of the Ancient Weapon Uranus and that's how he creates the winds and storms. Gol D. Roger found it first, and used it during the Battle in Edd War against Shiki. As for Dragon's past, I thi…

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    I just wanted to share my thoughts on how Jewelry Bonney escaped. First, if you did not know, Jewelry Bonney was named after a pirate woman, from our real world, called Anne Bonny.

    Anne Bonny was captured also and for some reason had escaped. The rumors said that she was ransomed by her father. Well I think that Jewelry Bonney is Akainu's daughter...

    Just my thought.

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  • Lelouch Di Britannia

    Hey Guys! This is my first blog post!

    For this chapter, I was kind of disappointed. Well anyways...this is what we have learned in this chapter:

    • Bartolomeo's bounty and epithet are revealed. He is known for excessive acts of violence against other pirates as well as civilians.
    • Bellamy recognizes Luffy in spite of the disguise. It is revealed that he went to the Sky Islands. He lost his crew, but his life changed.
      • He was given another chance by Doflamingo for bringing gold from Skypiea.
      • He also no longer holds a grudge towards Luffy and vows to never laugh at him again.
      • It is revealed that Bellamy's prize for winning the tournament is a position as one of the leaders of the Donquixote Pirates. He is in Block B.
    • Cavendish is in Block D.
    • Several comp…
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