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    Hello everyone.

    Since the end of Punk Hazard this thought keeps crossing my mind every time chopper is shown: "Is he falling behind?" During Fishman Island the reveal of his power up was interesting and exciting and during Punk Hazard he saw more of his growth as doctor. But after that he seems to have reached a stalemate while the rest of the crew are still showing new stuff:

    • Luffy showed his Gear Fourth and expected to show more forms.
    • Zoro his Busoushoku Kouka.
    • Nami has shown to skillfully use the weather itself for attacks.
    • Usopp showed amazing marksmanship and all kinds of new pop green. Even developed Kenbunshoku Haki.
    • Sanji is still showing his growth as a fighter and cook.
    • Robin her reflexes (stopping Hakuba).
    • Franky has his ever expending…
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  • Lasaro Ginjou

    Gears to come...

    October 11, 2016 by Lasaro Ginjou

    Ok, everyone is making speculations and theories on Luffy's powers to come so I thought I would make one, too. With the gear fourth revealed we all saw how Luffy works out his power ups:

    1. Gear Second: Engine pumping and Rokushiki Speed.
    2. Gear Third: Elbaf's giants.
    3. Gear Fourth: Nightmare Luffy.

    Now, if Luffy is to create a new gear it has to follow the same pattern.

    1. He has to see something that will inspire him
    2. Be able to adapt it to his fighting style with his fruit.
    3. Have time to develop it.

    Now the first two are obvious. The reason I mentioned the third point is because I believe that Luffy must have seen something already that will inspire his next gear and give him time to develop it. It is important however to consider what gear set Luffy is go…

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  • Lasaro Ginjou

    Kitetsu Katana

    December 24, 2012 by Lasaro Ginjou

    I just happen to look at this image and thought "WHAT!?!? Isn't it the same?!?!" or something like that.

    Well.... My point goes like this...

    • We have the Bald Gorousei Guy's Katana.
    • And we have Zoro's Sandai Kitetsu.

    They have of course different colour. But the pattern on the guard and the hilt are almost the same.

    If you look closer, although sandai kitetsu has a cross guard, the other guy's katana has a guard with the same pattern but 3 ends and not 4 like a cross.

    Here is my guess. It is probably another Kitetsu Sword. And specifically I think it is the Nidai Kitetsu. I think this because if you consider that the Shodai Kitetsu has the same pattern in the guard but with 2 ends like a hourglass then the Nidai Kitetsu will have a similar guard …

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