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  • Lakiller39

    I've been thinking about this a lot. it is kinda obvious that everyone in the SH crew will accomplish their dreams at the end

    Luffy will become the pirate king

    Zoro will defeat mihawk

    Nami will draw her map

    Ussop will be known as a brave worrior of the sea

    Sanji will find all blue 

    Chopper will be known as the world's best doctor

    Robin will find the rio poniglyth 

    Franky will travel the world with Sunny Go

    Brooke will meet laboon again

    But I also realized something... if Luffy found one piece, then all the other pirate will stop looking for it, therefore the pirate era will be over.. so there won't be a lot of adventures in the sea anymore

    Dragon will form a new goverment, that allows luffy and the others to live peacefully, so the crew will seperate…

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