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Hey there!

First off, before we get into things I'd like to say THANK YOU to all the users who have made my first week here such a welcome one! You're all such great guys and girls!

So; the business end of things!

If Oda or even one of his assistants were to write a side-story/spin-off One Piece series, who would you like to be the protagonist? Whose story would you like to see expanded upon, even if it was just for a couple chapters? Would you like to see Monkey D. Garp's childhood? How Trafalgar Law made it through the first half of the Grand Line? What caused Admiral Akainu to become the harbinger of justice we all know him to be today?

Dracule Mihawk at Age 19

Even without my moustache and wearing a floral shirt, I still look fabulous.

The choice is yours!

Completely off the top of my head, I wouldn't mind seeing Mihawk's adventures in his youth. The guy's supposed to be a pirate right? But, like the Straw Hat Pirates he doesn't come off as one does he? Was he ever a part of a crew, or was he always a solo player? Some may think his journey would just be like Zoro's; both aiming to become the top swordsman. But I feel that there's one vital difference between the two, Mihawk's got the beard. And that's all the matters.

Well that's my first blog down, let me know which character you want to see expanded upon and why! ^_^ Like, comment and subscrib- wait. Something about that doesn't sound right....