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The Game

Hello hello! What is this? YES! It's a blog from your resident moderator Kuro. I don't really do these, as most of you will know. But, a very awesome game has just been released, and at JSD's recommendation I've decided to let you all know that I'm going to be streaming One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 over the coming days - starting RIGHT NOW from 5PM to 10PM AEST (that's Australian Eastern Timezone, and that's HALF AN HOUR from now). I'll also be streaming tomorrow, August 28, from 12PM to 6PM AEST. My Twitch channel is called ScorchedConvict.

Legend Log

Unlike the previous entries into Omega Force's series, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 will cover the entire story all the way from Romance Dawn up until the most recent arc, Dressrosa. That is a LOT of content to get through. Throughout the game we're going to be unlocking a huge cast of playable characters, ranging from the Straw Hat Pirates, to the Shichibukai and Admirals, and even the men themselves - Shanks, Sabo, and Fujitora!

The Stream

So if you're interested in the game, but don't have the consoles or money needed to buy it, come along and enjoy the adventure as I play through as much of the game as I can! Once I'm finished with Legend Log I'm going to play through to unlock and level-up characters, and I'm more than happy to take requests if any of you want to see anybody in particular! There's a chat for everybody with a Twitch account to talk in while they watch, and it's taken care of by myself and my moderators.