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  • KuroAshi98

    Hello hello! What is this? YES! It's a blog from your resident moderator Kuro. I don't really do these, as most of you will know. But, a very awesome game has just been released, and at JSD's recommendation I've decided to let you all know that I'm going to be streaming One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 over the coming days - starting RIGHT NOW from 5PM to 10PM AEST (that's Australian Eastern Timezone, and that's HALF AN HOUR from now). I'll also be streaming tomorrow, August 28, from 12PM to 6PM AEST. My Twitch channel is called ScorchedConvict.

    Unlike the previous entries into Omega Force's …

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  • KuroAshi98

    This 'What If?' fight prediction is based on an idea I had for an animation when I was 15, having just read the conclusion Enies Lobby. I was never able to complete it due to sickness, so let's see where this goes! Note - this takes place before the time skip so no Haki tricks.

    Narrator: A sole figure silently trudged throughout the vast expanses of the Alabastian desert, it's plains spreading into the horizon and forever beyond. Up close you could see that it was a smartly dressed man, who wore a double-breasted black suit only for the jacket to be used as a makeshift shade, that he held over his head. Without the jacket on, it revealed an oceanic blue buttoned up shirt and black tie underneath, soaked with sweat from the relentless heat -


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  • KuroAshi98

    AND IT'S OVER!! SANJI IS THE VICTOR!! By a single vote Sanji has overcome Zoro in the polls!

    Final Result
    Zoro - 101
    Sanji - 102

    These are the scores as I saw it when updating the blog.

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  • KuroAshi98

    Yo, Holiday Time!

    March 29, 2012 by KuroAshi98

    Hey guys, just a quick heads up that I'll be going away for a week! I should be back before next weekend, though if I still haven't returned by then, just assume I fell victim to a savage koala attack.

    No, not quite.


    Anyway, so long!! Well, so long after Friday morning!

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  • KuroAshi98

    Hey there!

    First off, before we get into things I'd like to say THANK YOU to all the users who have made my first week here such a welcome one! You're all such great guys and girls!

    So; the business end of things!

    If Oda or even one of his assistants were to write a side-story/spin-off One Piece series, who would you like to be the protagonist? Whose story would you like to see expanded upon, even if it was just for a couple chapters? Would you like to see Monkey D. Garp's childhood? How Trafalgar Law made it through the first half of the Grand Line? What caused Admiral Akainu to become the harbinger of justice we all know him to be today?

    The choice is yours!

    Completely off the top of my head, I wouldn't mind seeing Mihawk's adventures in his youth. Th…

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