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Bartolomeo/Straw Hat Fanboy:

Bartolomeo Portrait

Captain Bartolomeo

 In my opinion, when I first encountered the Captain Bartolomeo, I didn't like him but as I got to learn more aspects of him throughout the series, I came to start liking him. Now whenever the Manga/Anime comes out, I can't wait to see him. He has quite the characteristics that seem to not fit his appearence. Of course he has the "bad boy" attitude if I may say, but when it comes to the Straw Hats he does a 180 to the opposite type of personality. It was indeed confusing the first time he showed that side of him but when I learned why he acted that way towards the Straw Hats, it became so clear to me. 

Anyway, I made this blog to discuss what he will be to the Straw Hats. As of now, he is helping the members of Straw Hats that are now on Dressrosa but after all the fighting and defeating goes on, what will happen to him. He of course will become an open ally to the Straw Hats.  He may become an official ally to the Straw Hats which will cause the Government to get attracted to him more. But soon after the incidents with Doflamingo stop, the Straw Hats will have to face either Big Mom or Kaido. It just seems that Bartolomeo will have to be of more use to the Straw Hats longer than they expect.