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  • Kuma the Bear

    After being on the fringe of this wikia for many years I've finally decided to take the plunge and join the fun. So for my first blog I've decided to start from the begining. IN the begining there was a boy named Luffy......!? ha ha ha JK I'm sure everyone here knows that story but while we are here we could talk about Shanks. As the series progressed more and more was revealed of how awesome Shanks is and one question started forming in my mind, 'What the hell was he doing in East Blue when he meet Luffy? I mean a pirate as strong as Shanks wouldn't be like "yeah enough of the Grand Line let's take a vacation in one of the blues" and if he was originally from the West blue why was he recruiting members (Yassop) in East blue.

    Then I watched…

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