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Altohugh you might call them villains, they are not quite the same. The marines live to uhold law and order, but it seems like they are not always as good as you think. they can be ruthless, like Akainu, to corrupt, like nezumi, or deadly, like Lucci.

my faves:

Akainu. Deadly, THE beleiver in absolute justice, and crazy strong and smart. Say what you want, but he can take on whitebeard, and then the rest of his commanders and live to tell the story.

Momonga, he seems to be one of the few honorable amrines. he was able to defeat a sea king, and even fight luffy for a while. He showed how smart he was when he blocked hancokcs powers by stabbing himslef. I hope we see more of him in the future.

Finally, my favorite ahs to be smoker. From being one of the only enemies luffy cant beat, to his attitude about the world government and the shikibauchi, ther is nothing i dont love about him. he also doesn't follow absolute justice, and teaches tashigi to do so as well.( and he looks really cool)

So what about you? whos your faovrite Marine(or ex Marine)?