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I wanted to make this blog for a while so here it is.

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In my opinion, the greatest one piece fight is luffy and usopp's. It great not only becaue of the actual fight, but becaye of why they fought. The fight between two best friends was certainly emotional. Usopp showed his true courage by fighting luffy for Going Merry. And fight he did. The strategy he used was amazing, showing when usopp is serious, he is a true warrior of the sea. but it doesnt end there. it paved the way for a great story. usopp lost and he quit, but he wouldnt leave robin to die. thats when sogeking makes his entrance. when he and franky were kidnapped, he went so far as to disguise himseld to save her. Even when she refused, he didnt quit. he went all the way to Eneis lobby to save her. His character development really starts, as he fights with his crew and destroys the flag. He becomes a deus ex machina for robin when all hope is lost, proving he is the greatest sniper ever. The scene where he gets luffy to fight again during a battle and is willing to die to Lucci is extremely powerful. After they win, merry returns to save the day. Finally, usopp humbles himself enough to ask for forgiveness, and rejoins the crew amisdt a shootout. The heartbreaking story of friendship, forgivness, bravery and redemtion is set up all by this clash between crewmates. And that is why it was the best fight ever.

What do you think is the best one piece fight?