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Remember me? the guy who made a few decent posts before? well, im back from vacation and I thought of this while reading Sanjifans "most hated person". Good job btw.

Pardon the blasphemy, but you cant make somthing that everyone likes, no matter how good you are. So here's my question. What is there about one piece that you do not like?

For me, it would be that there are sometimes too many characters. I like many of them but take a look at this:

Holy crap, thats a lot of people! However, im sure spme people like this, so here's my other point.

The SH crew is getting crowded. Not in a literal sense, they have 9 people. But that means your favorite character is probably not getting a lot of screen time, unless its luffy. And if your fave isnt a strawhat? good luck. Buggy, who is arguably the most recurring enemy, hadnt appeared again after skypia for over 100 chapters!

Finally, it just seems that there are to many powerful characters. In the begging, people like zolo, sanji, and esecially mihawk were awesome because they had no powers. The SH crew was small but powerful. Now everyone has DF's, or crazy skills, and more. It's ridiculous to think that the marines can do anything when the average grand line pirate is worth probably 100 of them!

These ar
Hot Wind Marines Portrait

they may as well be wearing red shirts. bonus points for getting my reference.

e the main things that bother, me, but dont get me wrong, I love one piece.

Is there anything you dont like about one piece?