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Busoshoku Haki allows a user to stregnthen their own attacks, as well as hit any logia type user. I ask you, what if Zoro and Usopp had it?

I know what you will say, No Kraykan, it is ridiculous! But this is the point of blogs. To say what if, how about, or gee, thats swell gang, lets go to the malt shop.

Usopp is one iof the worlds best shots. A master marksman! a stupendous sniper! The fresh prince of fake out! He has never missed a target, his only problem is that his gunpowder doesn't really hurt a pacifista, or effect mr 5, or get oars to notice him. With this power, he would be a big leaguer.

Zoro, the sweetest santoryu user under the sun! Icredible Ittoryu! Nefearious Nitoyu! With his arsenal of awesomeness, no one going to stand in his way, cuz he can cut through anything!

What do you think?

Kuma usopp

Pacifista? no prob