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The Strawhats new look

Kraykan January 21, 2011 User blog:Kraykan

Well, its been a while, and you've all had a chance to see them. They sure have changed a lot! This is what i think of their apearance.

Luffy: He looks pretty much the same, but he has a large x shaped scar on his chest. He also has sleeves! I like this look, classic, yet refined.

Zolo: An open shirt, poofy pants and a scar across his eye. I think he looks cool, but the eye bothers me.

Nami: She certainly seems to have gotten, *ahem* larger, as well as taller. I think it is a good look as she seems more mature.

Usopp: Changed a lot, he is muscul;ar, wears strange overalls, and sports a new hat. I think its a good look for him, and it shows that hes stronger.

Sanji: His hair switched, he has a goatee. Not much to say here, but i glad oda kept the his suit.

Chopper: He looks different due to his outfit, a new hat, a shirt, but otherwise hes still the cute and cuddly reindeer.

Robin: Very similar, but shes traded her jacket for a smaller shirt. She has not changed too much. She still looks good.

Franky: where do i start? he HUUUUGE. He is no longer a cyborg, hes a friggin mecha! giant stitches down his sides, large shoulder, huge hands, no mohawk :( . He definently changed the most, and I miss his old look.

Brook: Now he looks poofy! rock star clothes, complete with a crown, he as crazy and looknig good as ever.

What do you guys think?


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